NMM Compass Lounge: Compass System

– with Kin Associates –

On entry visitors are given a barcode card which allows them to collect stories relating to selected objects that are distributed through out several galleries. There are bespoke scanning units that are wrapped in object specific patterns that allow the visitor to scan the object but also stamp a little symbol on their card as an act of achievement.

The scanned object relates to a story that introduces a supporting cast of three historical characters and nine other objects in the museum with the lead object at its centre.

Within the lounge are also several interactive touchscreen “Pods” where visitors can register their barcode cards and interact with the stories that they collected. There is also an online version which mirrors the gallery experience and additionally allows users to start their own collections within the online collections.

Compass card stamping unit with lead object pattern case

Compass pods in the lounge to register and interact with stamped stories

Compass story viewer attractor

Compass story viewer stories overview

Compass story viewer story landing page

Compass story viewer related person page

Compass story viewer object page