I’m a London based artist and multidisciplinary creative director working across Art, Technology, Music and Fashion. Having worked for two decades in the Design industry my experience spans a wide spectrum of clients and projects, where I worked with emerging technologies to create memorable user interactions that link people, places and objects.

Having recently completed a Masters in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths University London I’m now exploring a wide range of technologies to create speculative, thought-provoking pieces that aim to engage, disrupt and reconfigure our relationships with machines.

I create experimental wearables making use of electronics, circuitry and custom interactive systems to create installations, wearable art and mixed reality experiences that aim to expose and often subvert their purpose. Taking the human as an interaction object my artistic practice engages  with the entangled human-machine relationships arising within the landscape of our current networked world. I recently received a DYCP grant from the Arts Council England and am currently exploring empathy and our relationships with our or other virtual bodies.

I’m a regular guest lecturer at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, University of the Arts Linz and Kingston University London.

Exhibitions and Performances:


Trondheim Kunstmuseum: More Meat Less Meat – Meatbody critical augmented reality costume


Zoe Séance Performance Project at Lothringer Halle 13 Munich

Chicks on Speed Performance: Uploading the Human at Muffathalle Munich / Visuals and performing with AR costumes


Chicks on Speed: Uploading the Human / Cryptoqueen – telematic performance with face filters

Art Futura Watermans Art Gallery – Artist talk

Champ d’Action Time Canvas “The Un-masking of the self” – filmic and performative articulations


Chicks on Speed Olympia Stadium Munich – VJ performance

Ars Electronica: Corona Improv – 3 performances with telematic and physical players

AWNJS Ars Electronica Sound Campus – performance with telematic and physical players

Systems Residency Arebyte Gallery/Goldsmiths University London


Goldsmiths Computational Arts MA/MFA show 


Goldsmiths Computational Arts MA/MFA show 

I have been teaching in Kingston University London, Trondheim Academy of Fine Art and at the University of the Arts Linz.

I judged the digital design category at D&AD 2012


wearing the Extinction Bubble Instagram Filter

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