I am an artist, creative director and designer with 20 years experience in design and technology to create memorable user experiences that link people, places and objects. This includes cross platform networked digital applications (mobile, tablet and web), digital environments and wearable technology.

As an artist my practise engages with the entangled human machine relationships in our current networked world. I work with technology to create installations, wearables and mixed reality experiences that expose and often subvert their purpose.

My artworks have been shown:

Goldsmiths Computational Arts MA/MFA show 2019
Goldsmiths Computational Arts MA/MFA show 2018

Over the years I worked with big, boutique and cultural brands to deliver projects from concept to implementation. I strongly believe that interdisciplinary collaboration creates the foundation for all good work. This is why I place it at the core of all my projects. My workflow is based on iterative prototyping, allowing the visual design to slowly emerge through this process rather then simply being applied at the end. This holistic approach allows me to create experiences that are integrated and meaningful to the user.

I judged the digital design category at D&AD 2012

I am always on the look out for opportunities to use innovative applications of technology. Happy to discuss all types of projects, just get in touch